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Hiemens Bottling Machines is prominently famous for its path breaking designs & developments.

HBM was the first company in the Country to design PET bottle filling machines on neck holding systems and a single machine can handle sizes ranging from 200ml to 2000ml without a part change-over. HBM is also the first one to make B.O.P.P Labeling Machines in India with our own design & in-house machined parts.

HBM developed a very Special kind of volumetric filling line for packaging of edible oil; which is a huge success in the industry and brought a revolutionary automation subsystem in the packaging section of the edible oil industry. The similar filling system can also run for any other high-viscosity product such as honey & ketchup.

HBM designed a special BOPP Labeling machine which can label square & hexagonal bottles/jars. Its patent is pending & is a one-of-a-kind machine. Available only with HBM.

In 2016, HBM developed an Aluminum Canning line for beer & soft drinks. The simplicity of design & frugality makes it a viable option for any can filling requirement.

HBM has also created various tertiary packaging machines such as shrink casing machine, shrink sleeve tunnels, heating/cooling tunnels & various other tertiary packaging machines. We shall, as we have, continue our trend of R&D of new machineries based on the market trends and our customer requirements.

With an extensive catalog of machinery developed & designed by Mr. D.P. Sharma, he is a pioneer not only in making machinery but also in developing a long-lasting professional relationship with his clients. A bond built upon astute service provision & extended life-span of the machinery.