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Automatic Carton / crate Packer and unpacker

Construction details :
The complete base frame, basic structure and drive system of the machine is made of alloy steel / M.S. The Bottle conveyor system and carton conveyor system of the machine is made of S.S.304. The gripper head assembly is made of S.S.304 and nylon. The gripper heads are as per international standard. All guides and stars are made of U.H.M.W.P.E. and S.S.304. The machine is driven and controlled by; Siemens make P.L.C. and variable frequency drive.

The carton packer is fully automatic machine with continuous head motion, No bottle no packing and No carton no packing controls. The bottle pick up is pneumatically controlled and is suitable for packing PET / glass bottles, from 0.3 It. to 2.0 It. bottles for products like, mineral water and soft drinks etc. The machine is adjustable and could be used for different sizes (0.3 L to 2.0 L.) of the bottles with additional change parts for each different size with additional cost.

Operation :
The bottles are carried by the in feed conveyor to multi track conveyor table of the machine, where the bottles are parted by the conveyor shuffler and partition plates, so that the bottles are formed in rows according to the packing in the cartons/crates. The gripper heads are automatically moved on to the formed rows of the bottles and each gripper holds on to the bottle’s neck by air pressure in it. After holding the bottles the gripper heads lift the bottles and move towards the cartons/crates guided by centering frame. The cartons/crates are carried by the carton/crates conveyor and the pneumatic stopper plate stops them in position. The gripper heads insert the bottles in the cartons/crates and releases them in to it. After filling the cartons/crates, the heads start moving towards the bottle table for the next cycle of the operation and the pneumatic gate on the carton/crates conveyor is opened automatically to release the filled cartons/crates to the exit of the carton/crates conveyor.

Technical Details for Packer :

CAPACITY 600 cases/hr 960 cases/hr 1250 cases/hr
No. of Gripper Heads 2 Nos. 4 Nos. 6 Nos.
No. of Grippers in each head 4 x 3 = 12 Nos. for 1 lt. bottles. (OR any other formation)
Cartons per cycle 2 Nos. 4 Nos. 6 Nos.
Product to be packed PET Bottles/Glass Bottles
Size of the bottle 0.3 L. To 2.0 L. Bottles, with additional Change parts with additional cost for each additional size
Air Required (at 5 kg/cm2 pressure) 200 Ltr. Per minute 400 Ltr. Per minute 600 Ltr. Per minute
Bottle Conveyor working height 1050 + – 50 mm
Carton Conveyor working height 600+ – 50 mm
Size (L X B X H) 2200 x 1600 x 2800 mm 2200 x 2200 x 2800 mm 2200 x 3000 x 2800
Total Electrical Power 5 Kw. 6.5 Kw. 8. Kw.